Integrating World-Class Technologies for the Commercial, Federal, State and Local Government Sectors

Energy, Utilities and Oil & Gas

BJL Associates delivers solutions for more effective document management to the Energy / Oil and Gas markets. Our services and solutions can assist with a vast area of ECM challenges presented by the industry dealing with information related to Plants, Rigs, Pipelines, Land Management and Production Activities.

Financial Services

BJL Associates provides services for various financial institutions; Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance Brokers and Leasing Companies. Addressing a variety of implementations for account openings, loan processing, payment solutions and range of administrative tasks such as claims processing and back office operations.

Healthcare, Dental & Medical Operations

BJL Associates provides a wide variety of Healthcare solutions for markets such as clinics, labs, dental offices and other medical operations. Addressing a variety of implementations for patient care, administration, insurance, clinical trials and back office operations.

Real Estate, Mortgage & Title Insurance

BJL Associates developed solutions for the Real Estate, Title and Mortgage Industry solutions for markets such as Title Agents, Title Insurance, Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Lenders, Attorneys, Surveyors, Credit Managers, Appraisers, and Credit Unions. Addressing a variety of implementations for account openings, loan processing, payment solutions and range of administrative tasks such as loan and escrow processing, and back office operations

Printing and Document Management

BJL Associates delivers streamlined print and document management processes for all forms of documents, physical records, electronic and email. Our print management solutions range from the creative design on through the print and fulfillment. Our digital transformation strategies leverage cloud-based innovations that save time, touchpoints, money. Including: File Share Remediation, Content Migration, Paper Archive Digitization and PII Detection and Protection.

Departmental, HR & Accounting Solutions

BJL Associates has implemented solutions for the Accounting and Finance departments with AP and AR solutions, Human Resources, Legal and Sales support.

Let BJL Associates be that trusted advisor.

Federal, State & Local Government

We provide a wide range of advisory services to help agencies protect data from various risks and develop business process optimization strategies to help agencies understand the business, technology, security, change management and compliance implications in today’s digital world and cloud environment. We adhere to BJL’s five unique perspectives: strategy, risk, finance, technology and operations and perform qualified government compliance reports for cloud transformation.